Danielle Mensah


Danielle is the Founding Director of BodyMind Performance, a social business that provides coaching and advisory services to leaders and companies focused on culture change, diversity & inclusion, performance and wellbeing.

Previously Danielle was a high profile senior leader in European Finance, frequently named a Top 100 Influential Woman by Financial News and one of the rare women experienced in running a profit centre within Financial Services.  Working in various commercial and technology roles across the Investment Banking and Exchange sector (including NYSE, Barclays and the London Stock Exchange) Danielle understands the challenges faced in a male-dominated, high pressure work environment.  Inspired by the growth of businesses with high social impact and revenues, Danielle leapt from the corporate ladder in early 2018, to build her dream company on a mission to enable people to live a life they love and companies to become places people love to work.  Danielle is also an International Speaker & Writer on topics such as Authentic Leadership, Sustainable Culture Change, Diversity & Inclusion, Personal Power, Harmony not Conflict and Health & Wellbeing. Danielle is a CTI Co-Active Coach, CHEK Holistic Health Practitioner and has an LLB degree from Cardiff University.

“I am passionate about empowering people to fulfil their potential and truly believe we are all resourceful and capable of achieving many great things in our lives.  I have personal experience of domestic violence and the complex effect it can have on people.  My involvement with Charis is an exciting and meaningful way to help make a difference to women’s lives and inspire them to become comfortable with who they really are and to make positive changes for a brighter, more joyful future.” –Danielle