Jeffery Wotherspoon


Jeffrey is an ILM endorsed Executive Performance Coach, trainer and workshop facilitator with a Bsc (Hons) Psychology. He is on the Advisory board of a leading global Coaching organisation that offers Coach training to senior managers worldwide- ‘Coaching culture at work’ and a member of the Association for Coaching (AC)

Jeffrey’s passion and expertise in coaching is demonstrated in the improved outcomes of his clients and the fact that 100% of his coaching clients have approached him directly or via referral.

His expertise in particular, is around supporting clients to use their strengths to gain a greater sense of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and identity and whilst supporting them to achieve more in their personal and professional life.

As well as doing corporate work Jeffrey finds great joy in serving those less fortunate. He coaches sixth form students from disadvantaged backgrounds to raise their educational attainment and progress onto university. He also coaches offenders in custody and upon release towards a life of rehabilitation, and disadvantaged young people on leadership programmes to make a difference in their community.

Jeffrey’s main goal in life is to a significant difference in the world and ultimately does what he can to make it a better place. He does that by working with individuals who are looking to become better people and make positive change.

Jeffrey’s decided he was going to “Be the change he wanted to see”- Ghandi, as just like Martin Luther King Jr he too “has a dream”.