Tony Phillips


Having spent the earlier part of his working life in IT and Sales & Marketing, Tony began coaching in 2003. Tony trained and qualified as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and has worked with entrepreneurs, executives, barristers, school headteachers, and several charities. He loves helping to reflect people’s ‘most magnificent self’ back to them.

Tony believes in making the places where we work enjoyable spaces where people can realise more of their potential and connect with each other, have fun, and communicate, not just as employers and employees but as human beings. He believes in helping to create workplaces where people are encouraged to bring their whole selves into the workplace rather than just their ‘professional’ fronts, leaving the rest of their huge potential at the office door each morning.

Tony also trains new coaches, and is a regular monthly columnist in a running fitness magazine.

‘I get a huge sense of fulfilment helping those who are struggling in life, and either stuck in victim or perpetrator roles, to realise that they have the power to choose something different, to recognise the strengths, dreams and possibilities that they’ve buried. Charis’s Buy One Gift One business model is real corporate social responsibility.’