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Client Testimonials

“Nicole is an intuitive powerhouse who brings amazing energy, warmth and drive to our sessions. She challenges me to go further and in working with her I’ve had countless ‘aha’ moments which she’s helped me to transform into tangible, hugely impactful changes in my life. She is a dynamite – a unique blend of power and heart.”

Jess Heading, Assistant Director and Coach

“Nicole helped me reconnect with a lost confidence and self-belief eroded over time by a period of indecision about whether to stay or leave my good, but out-dated, job.  She reminded me of the resources and leadership capabilities I have and coached me to use these for my own benefit. She helped me to once again be brave to dream big, to try a new paradigm and embrace failure as an opportunity for growth and learning.  Her intuitive and direct coaching style was fantastic, enabling me to feel safe and comfortable but also challenged when needed.”Freelance outdoor leader and researcher

“It was valuable to take a step back and look more openly at the present and the future. Likewise, learning from and sharing with colleagues, and looking honestly at yourself and what is holding you back, were highly beneficial. As a result of the workshop, I will take a step back more often to make sure I don’t get caught up in day-to-day activity and lose sight of my goals.”


“I began working with Nicole because I wanted to leave my job, re-engage with my work, and make a tangible difference in the world. I felt like I was coasting and not fulfilling my potential. Nicole helped me to reignite a sense of fearless confidence. With her coaching, I negotiated leaving my job in the UK on great terms and got a brilliant new job in Rome. Nicole is easy to be completely open and honest with, which helps to get to the heart of issues. She’s very real and called me out on making excuses or not pushing myself, and balanced this with being kind, fun, and uplifting. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”Rohanna Law, Training Specialist

“Nicole’s coaching style is solution-focused and holistic. She naturally establishes good rapport… encouraging a ‘self-coaching’ attitude that raises self-awareness through powerful questioning. Being coached by Nicole helped me to identify and prioritise areas in which I wanted improvement. She helped me to identify issues that were beyond my control, and worked with me to arrive at solutions in steps toward a bigger goal focus. Nicole was able to facilitate progress and momentum in all areas identified.”

Femi Aiyebusi, Education Project Manager

“I really enjoyed the workshop and have taken some valuable ideas that I will implement in my life, including working toward something by putting a longer-term plan in place. Thank you!”

Nadia Marson, Global Sales