Career & Confidence Workshop

The Career & Confidence workshop focuses on increasing awareness of your strengths, resources and opportunities, and helping you develop beliefs and strategies to empower you to take ownership of creating a new career and a new chapter of your life. It is ideal for women or men (groups are divided by gender) of any age who are unemployed or underemployed and, in line with our charitable remit, have been affected by abuse at any point in their lives.

Rooted in executive coaching, Creating Your Ideal Career is an experiential, challenging, and intuitive new workshop. It creates a safe environment for participants to:

1) identify personal and professional values;
2) uncover and tap into strengths and passions;
3) address latent fears, negative beliefs, and other obstacles to success; and
4) formulate a clear and fulfilling career vision and goals.

‘My thinking that I cannot achieve my goal has changed.’ – Workshop participant

Participants unanimously report that they feel:

  • more in control of their lives
  • more hopeful about their future
  • more confident about the direction in which they’re headed
  • more prepared to face challenges ahead of them
  • that they’ve gained skills which will be useful to them in their career and personal lives

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