Free In Five – Five-Month Life Coaching Programme

Become FREE in FIVE months…
FREE from some of the most debilitating impacts of domestic abuse
FREE to take command of your life, and create it how you want it

Are you still feeling the impact of former domestic abuse?

  • Feel stopped by forces outside your control?
  • Dream of recreating your life, but are not sure which direction to go in?
  • Want to get a new or better job, but feel overwhelmed by too many options or no options at all?
  • Self-esteem need a revamp?
  • Think of going back to a relationship you know isn’t right because you are lonely and it’s daunting and difficult to go it alone?
  • Have trouble believing that good things will happen for you?
  • Feel low or hopeless?
  • Struggle to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships?
  • Need motivation and inspiration to make the change?

I’m living proof for myself that I can do this. I feel like Superman. – Former client

With our new Free In Five life coaching programme, be supported to:

  • Build your career
  • Build your confidence
  • Take back control of your life

It’s not how they do it [at the refuge] or how my therapist does it. It’s a different kind of motivation. – Former client

Through workshops and one-to-one life coaching, you can reconnect with your strengths and passions so you can get out of survival mode and see what’s possible for yourself and your life.

I have more confidence in myself, in the way I’m going and steps I’m taking. – Former client

Let us help you find the clarity you need to choose the life you want, and the confidence to build it, one step at a time.

Drop us a line at to ask questions and sign up for a free-of-charge place.